hello..i’m emma…ordinary girl who loves photography and FOOD.. 🙂

after years of just enjoying food and not so into the process, one day the whole situation was put me on the hot seat..so here i’m try to adjust and try to make peace..

me, start cooking is a BIG surprise for my family, especially my husband and my Mother (of course!!!)…from Indomie specialist ONLY to eatable (i said eatable…) bread, cake, etc…and keep learning

me, love photography is not a surprise..I’m in love with the process, story behind the picts..Love it…

me, a wife from a VERY patient husband and a mother of a adorable girl…happy with my life and can’t stop thankful…it might be not perfect, but i LOVE my messy life…in my opinion PERFECT is BORING

so, enough about me..

stay tight with me and enjoy the many surprise ahead..

xoxo 🙂