Dinner with Best Friends (well some of them)


Dinner with Best Friends..
We met by chance in an expat association
Work together as Board member and click by heart
And easily become best friends
From constantly WORK topic
Soon became family topic, life topic, fun topic then follow by work topic 🙂
Some of them are carved in heart and hold special place on it
Even for me the hardest part is always GoodBye
As for expatriate soon or later they will leave
This 3 ladies are some of who i consider as best friends


Having dinner at the new fine dining restaurant “Mediterraneo”
which located in Raya Kupang Baru 74. Surabaya
The building has undergone complete cosmetic refurbishment and offers a casual dining section, a central bar, a comfortable lounge, a garden with open patio and the kitchen fresh herbs backyard, internal and external parking lot and a second floor suitable for more private events and memorable celebrations.
The interiors are a perfect blend of past and present décor with a strong reminiscence to the golden years of the 20th century.
I took some pictures at the Rest Room, It is so fancy 🙂




The food, are divine
presented with art and taste good
we ordered:
*Prosciutto E Funghi Pizza which is very GOOD , me and Mag are shared this large pizza


*Guazetto Di Mare, The seafood stew are made by cooking the vegetables , tritandole and bread with black olive paste.


*The last one was, well i forgot the name, it’s fetucinne with alfredo sauce and matcha cream – not such a big fans for the cream but OK with the pasta and alreado sauce.


Heavy rain as we have it,
but it end up with a lot of fun..

p.s: as reference, you can visit the restaurant in here http://www.mediterraneo.co.id/