AnotherNo Knead Pizza for Lunch

enjoy the lazy day at home…
kia busy with ther self playing with ribbon and her hair…
so heavy hearted to urge my self to go to the kitchen and cook..


decided to make some pizza.. thin crust… with only paprika, tomato, onion and tomato sauce as topping.. closed with mozarella..
there you go.. cold beer and thin pizza…not only for lunch…but dinner also,, 🙂

Make a No Knead Pizza with 5 hours proffing time is SO right, so i can go back to cuddle with Kia.

here is the recipe

***No Knead Pizza with 5hrs Proffing Time***

250gr Bread Flour such as Fuji, Komachi, or simply All Purpose
1tsp Instant Yeast
1tsp sugar (optional)
1tsp salt
2tbsp olive oil
150-175ml water

How To:
*Mixed together inside the bowl: Flour, Sugar, Salt
*add yeast and mixed to combined
*add olive oil, and gradually add water
*mixed with your hand until the dough not stick to the bowl, give around 20x knead inside the bowl. the dough will be soft and smooth.
*cover the bowl with clingwrap or wet towel and let sit for 5 hours in room temprature.
*after 5hrs proffing time, the dough is ready to use. Rolling the dough flat for pizza, give any kind of topping…ready to bake…