Baked Ringatoni

Baked Ringatoni 3

I’m in LOVE with Pasta
any kind of pasta…hehehe…

It was start with the all italian food frenzy that i have back on the junior high…
it was Pizza addict type and soon become all italian food addict type…
and by the time it wa obvious that i love every single thing about Italian food and Pasta in practicular.

This baked ringatoni is made so easy….no sweat at all, well maybe only by the time you have to spread the concase as equal as it can be, but really it was nothing compare with the result.

what i do is just arrange the ringatoni pasta into the pan standing (as picture below)

Baked Ringatoni 1


and spread equaly the concase…Baked Ringatoni 2


cover with the alumunium foil
baked in the oven 200C for 40 min
put the mozarella on top
and baked again 180C for 20 min..

Baked Ringatoni 4

enjoy every bite of it…
you’ll love it…

_end and out_