Our Family Gateway

Our family gateway..
Finally after planning a while, back and forward, try to match the schedule with my extra busy hubby 😦
from the orginal plan to visit Yogyakarta, to stay within city and relax more in our fave place “Novotel Surabaya”

for them who knows us best ( i can metioned only some people within 10 fingers count) this place hold a great history of my little family.. hihi..well enough said…
so from non-Kia stay in regularly to with-Kia stay in is quite amaze form me and hubby…and feel sooo OLD… 20 years since the first time we come here just to enjoy some beer…TO NOW… 🙂

Staying in 1 bed apartment for 4 of us, laying lazy allday, swimming, running around hotels..take a bunch of pictures…playing with Kia, was such a FUN to have a quality time for her only without any distracted from others…heaven…

so my friends, these are some picture i have from our family gateway…
food and many more…


vac 1

always..my fave… 🙂

vac 10

Char Siu and Sushi… an ODD combination but i Like

vac 2

Prepare for Char Siu and Sioke Feels like picnic

vac 3

My Dinner..and Hubby… Not such a good combination though

vac 4

Late Lunch My Homeade Lasagna

vac 5

@5.53AM view from my balcony

vac 6

Lazy Pizza for Hubby

vac 7

Kia’s Breakfast Oatmeal

vac 8

at the same spot and the same drink #after20yrs

vac 9

the view