Dinner with the “Gang”



This dinner already planned for around 2 weeks, My gang decided it will be nice to step out from the “working” environment and try to relax and get known  more with each other.

it’s not that what we did so far is not Fun…we do have parties, coffee chit chat and some ladies night BUT they are mostly for the work, in the events like that we are always in charge to make sure that everything running well…Soo we decided to have some small dinner, only 10 of us and enjoy with relax.. 🙂

So, finally it was set for yesterday, start at 7pm on Kafe Bromo Sheraton Hotel


The dinner is so nice, we have the reserved place on the corner – cozy place for chit chat with low tone music so you can actually mingle and talk with your friend

The wine and dinner were so delicious…

For the entree we have a Foie Gras with mushroom, olive oil and bread as side

dinner 1

For the main course – Swedish meat balls, asparagus sauté, chicken and jelly fish with sesame sauce

dinner 3

For desert – assorted small cakes… dinner 2

Really hope that we can do it anytime soon…

well…always have fun with you ladies….