Wine with Friends



Last Night, have fun with the ladies
Have an invitation for wine tasting by both our Rouge n Blanc wine sponsor and Californian Barefoot winery and stay for Ladies Night – enjoying a 10% discount offered by TUNE Restaurant (

wine 6
The restaurant is Nice…easy way in…easy location to find, the food quite good especially the it…
It has a warm feeling and cozy…recommended place to Dine in..and feeling great

wine 8



They served us with 2 kind of wine…
For the White Wine was sauvignon blanc…the taste is surprisingly for me…not to sweet, crisp…Likey…

wine 5

For the Red Wine was cabernet sauvignon…LOVE this wine, so tasty , full and dark 🙂 hmmm…has a perfect amount of dry…Love it…

wine 10

For food we decided to order Pizza…Caesar Salad and Chicken Wings

wine 9

For Pizza, it was Italian Thin Pizza…we order 2 types different topping – seafood and cheese..all topped with ricola leaf…GOSH heaven…

wine 12


For the Caesar Salad..honestly (and some friend also said) this is the first time that we experience the restaurant give whole egg in the plate without cut it of…heheheheh, the salad was OK, love the twist with bake parma cheese that feel so tasty and some feta on it…but it was GOOD

wine 11

The only thing Lack for the food is Chicken wings…what can I say..I’m not so into this…



Great thing is that the waiters keep pouring the wine to our glasses..and I end up with 6 of Red and 3 of white…but totally have a GREAT TIMES with GREAT FRIENDS

wine 1

and I think ladies, we have to do it again SOON…

***for details of Barefoot Wine you can go to their website
and for the type of wane they served for the tasting, you can click links below