Mozzarella Roll Lasagna

Last weekend is heaven..
nothing to do..just sit back..playing with my kia
reading book…
watching movies..old movies mostly ..well actually it’s re-watched for numerous times..heheh bad habit..but what can I say…

Roll lasagna 4

simply cook..
only make this lasagna for Lunch…Dinner..and breakfast on the next day… 😀

Still full of cheese…always love cheese…
instead of rolling the pastrami or sausage inside the lasagna sheet, this time (as many times before) I put the massive long strip of Mozzarella Cheese)..
and…as an addition, topped with mozzarella chunks …sorry I can’t help it
but if you are not so into cheese, you can skip the mozzarella chunks and rolling sausage or pastrami in your lasagna….no worries…

For the sauce, this time I put some red bean and a lot of tomato…

sooo…here the recipe
I hope you enjoy it..
just like I did.,..

***Mozzarella Roll Lasagna***

*Bean Tomato Sauce
300gr Minced Beef
200gr Red Bean – If you like, if not then you can substitute with Minced beef so the total will be 500gr
3 tomato , cut into small pieces
8pcs sausage– cut into small pieces
Mushroom – cut into small pieces
2pcs Onion – Cut into small pieces
Olive oil
Tomato sauce,
4 tomatoes – Cut into small pieces
>>put olive oil in the pan with medium heat, put the onion..then the rest of the ingredients, cover the pan and let boil until cooked and a little thick

*250gr Mozzarella Cheese – cut into 5 long strip about 1.5x10cm

*Agnesi Instant lasagna Sheet..

How To:
*boiled water and 1 tbsp olive oil in non stick frying pan, then boil the lasagna sheet one at the time around 5-7 minutes until we can roll it with our break or thorn
*roll the long strip mozzarella with the pasta sheet and set aside, keep going and make 5 of it (I only need 5pcs in my 10x22cm Pyrex loaf pan)

Roll lasagna 5

*pour the meat sauce on the base of Pyrex until it covered
*arrange the roll lasagna at the top

Roll lasagna 3

*Put the Mozzarella chunks on top

Roll lasagna 2

*Topped the roll lasagnas with the bean tomato sauce

Roll lasagna 1
*cover with the aluminum foil and bake in the oven , temperature 180C for 20 minutes
*take out the Pyrex pan, open the aluminum cover, put the mozzarella on top evenly then bake again for 15 minutes until the top brownish.

Roll lasagna ready to eat…