On Duty Again: Variant Finger Food


Today, I’m on duty again with “the gang” for our gathering..
The theme “My Body and Soul”
It’s all about beauty..
The venue is in an exclusive Anti Aging Clinic “Profira”
The place is nice and cozy,
Also we have a lot of sponsors from Martha Tilaar, Sheraton Hotel Spa, hairstylist, Make up Artist and many more that come and join…

The event went smoothly…but another highlight for me is the snacks…(hehehe, as always)
The Host prepares all snacks for the event…
Small finger foods, so yummy, there are a lot of variant, just make me to the state of “WANT TO EAT ALL” hehehe…

bs 6bs 3


but have to behave this time…sooo I just take 4pcs (yuppp you’ve heard me)
*choux pastry with vla and blueberry jam for filling, and topped with white and blue chocolate

bs 4
*rissole with ragout inside and the other one is with the mihun and vegetables inside
*fried “lemper” – steamed glutinous rice with meat

bs 2

yum yum yum….
As you can see from picture below that that was plenty of them…heaven

bs 5

Well I stop here..
ow one more thing…
Today I wear PINK… 🙂

bs 1