Almond (puff pastry) Croissant & Plain (puff pastry) Croissant


Don’t follow me..hahahah
this is absolutely WRONG..
dying to have a nice croissant , dancing in the mouth..
but instead of trying hard to make a croissant dough,
I simply use the”longtime fridge” my homemade vegan puff pastry…
yuuppp..that;s what i said…I’m not a row model in this….(sorry)

enough for the confession 🙂


so here is my almond (puff pastry) croissant and plain (puff pastry) croissant:

>>>for plain (puff pastry) croissant just simply cut the pastry sheet to triangle as roll it up, brush with egg wash

>>>for almond (puff pastry) croissant, cut the pastry sheet to square, I cut for 12x12cm,cut each corner to middle diagonally around 3cm and fold one side to middle..then topped with the mixed of flour, butter and sweetened condensed milk, then give almond flakes on the top, brush with egg wash and honey

Done… 🙂