Cheating Thursday


This CheatingTuesday event only happen during my meeting with the board or the “Gang” we used to call our self.
It’s meeting where we are discuss about our general gathering every month on 1st Thursday.

le cafe gourmand 2

Why I call “cheating”? Because with this meeting, I have to avoid my diet and  have my coffee earlier than I usually do.
Well, even it’s cheating – I love it…hehehe

this Thursday we have our meeting in a cozy coffee place called “Le Cafe Gourmand”, it’s located in Bukit Darmo Golf Boulevard Surabaya…the place is Nice, Cozy with Warm feeling.

I ordered cappuccino and got my free croissant…yeayyy!!!!
The coffee was quite good, a little bit strong for cappuccino which is I like it, but the croissant…well it’s just ok for me…

Well if you are in the area, try to stop by….to bad I haven’t got the chance to capture the place around, but I will try next…

Happy Thursday